Feminine Sophistication
Effortless Elegance


At Nomino, we believe true style is eternal. Our brand
ethos revolves around creating exquisite dresses that
embody grace, sophistication, and the celebration of
your unique beauty.


We understand the importance of embracing your
journey, which is why most of our designs are thoughtfully
crafted to be maternity-friendly, ensuring you feel
fabulous at every stage in life.


Quality fabrics

We handpick each fabric with utmost care, ensuring a luxurious feel against your skin and a lasting quality that endures the test of time.

Affordable prices

We strive to make high-quality dresses accessible to all by relentlessly driving cost efficiencies throughout our business operations. Ensuring affordability without compromising on quality is our commitment to you.

Sustainable approach

Sustainability remains a top priority for us as we strive to make conscious choices and offer dresses that gracefully adapt to every stage of life — to ensure our dresses have a longer lifetime.